a catalogue of textile work by Claire Crompton

sheep country 2003-2010 (2012)

Sheep Country soft sculpture

Sheep Country 2003-2010 (2012)

Source of Data: The British Wool Marketing Board – producer price schedule archive (http://www.britishwool.org.uk/priceschedarchlist.asp?pageid=56
Materials: Herdwick wool, Merino wool, wire
Construction: Crochet

Each slice of the landscape represents a different quality of wool, each hill and valley the flucuating price before arriving in the high country of 2010.
Details: Every year, sheep farmers who are members of The British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB), deliver their fleeces to depots around the UK. There it is sorted and graded into over 200 different qualities based on sheep breed, texture, colour and fineness. The fleeces are baled and these bales are sold at auction. The prices achieved for each grade are published every year on the BWMB website. 
The price of wool has fallen over the last decade to such a low that it was costing more to shear the sheep than the producer received for the fleece. Wool had become devalued. The Campaign for Wool (www.campaignforwool.com) began in 2010 to promote wool as a sustainable fibre and demand is now increasing with wool prices at a 25 year high (source: BWMB).


Herdwick wool

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